Insulating Your Garage Door

The Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit helps keep your work area comfortable by reducing drafts and cutting down on noise.


Many garage doors offer little more than a thin sheet of metal between you and the elements, which makes year-round garage usage uncomfortable, if not impossible.

With the Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit it’s easy, fast and affordable to make your garage a more comfortable place to work. Plus you’ll get up to 5 times the thermal performance* and up to a 20% reduction in outside noise.**

*As compared to an uninsulated door.

** Percentage noise reduction is calculated based on differences in sound levels perceived across multiple frequency bands as measured in standard human listening studies.


The Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit can be picked up at most big box retail stores that sell Owens Corning PINK FIBERGLAS® insulation. Before you go, check your existing garage door or doors. One kit is enough to cover a standard single garage door. You can use 2 kits together to fit double-wide garage doors.

You’ll also need a pen, a tape measure and a sharp utility knife or scissors. It’s also smart to have cut-resistant gloves while trimming insulation. Make sure you have what you need before going to the store, so you can remember to pick it up there if necessary.

Your Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit comes complete with vinyl-faced insulation, retainer clips, lightweight gloves and even vinyl repair tape, in case small tears should ever occur.

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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions
  1. Begin by making two marks on each door sections. Peel release paper from one side of adhesive tape (Provided in Kit). Firmly press the adhesive pieces to the garage door centered on the marks made earlier. The top to bottom measurement will vary depending on your door size.
  2. Remove remaining release tape from adhesive pieces, stick one retainer clip to each adhesive piece. (Two clips per section)
  3. Measure each door panel’s height and width. REMEMBER, each panel may be a different size. The length of the insulation should be about 1/2" longer than the measured amount to give a good snug fit. Trim one piece of insulation to fit each door panel. Use a sharp utility knife or scissors to cut the insulation. Cut-resistant gloves are recommended, but not supplied.
  4. With the vinyl side facing the installer, tuck the trimmed insulation into the door panel, pressing the insulation against the retainer clips on the door. Cut a small (1/2" x 1/2") X in the vinyl facing so the retainer clip can push through the insulation and vinyl facing.
  5. Push a retainer clip into each door-mounted clip. Push the clips together to hold the insulation snugly against the inside of the garage door.

Basic Tools

The only tools needed to complete the installation are a tape measure, utility knife, cut-resistant gloves, straight edge and a marker. Simply measure, mark, trim and install.